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Laura Ducksta, NY Times Bestselling author endorses Where is my Soul?:

Where Is My Soul helps nurture the connection to and awareness of the Soul
that our children innately have–truly a magnificent gift!”
Laura Duksta
author, NY Times Best Seller, I Love You More and You Are A Gift
Visit www.whereismysoul.net to take a closer look at the quintessential snuggle book!

Happy Fall!  Now the beautiful images that are in my book Where is my Soul? are available on book bags and other items in my online shop by following this link: http://www.cafepress.com/whereismysoul.  The book is being warmly embraced by the religious and spiritual community.  Its gentle message is one children and adults of all ages should hear.  Visit my website www.whereismysoul.net to secure your copy.  Shipping is low (1.67) and the book is gorgeous.  Hurry!  Makes a great Christmas gift and I will gift ship upon request.  Thank you for reading!

Where is my Soul? was one of the featured books at the Peace, Love and Book Festival on August 15,2009 at the famed Vero Beach Book Center. It was literally selling off the shelves! The book is still available on line at http://www.whereismysoul.net and at the Farmer’s Market in Fort Pierce, Florida.

This is a beautiful, gental story that children will love!

This is a beautiful, gentle story that children will love!

I sold my first three books, in a row, before noon today. I know it can only get better and better and there is nothing quite like seeing all the positive energy and thought I have put into my book come to its fruition. Everyday is the good old days!

The perfect bedtime story is now available at whereismysoul.net Low cost shipping (1.67) to anywhere in the U.S. Take a look at this beautiful, peaceful book.

If you have been looking for the perfect bedtime story–your search ends here.  “Where is my Soul?” may be the perfect bedtime story. As it teaches, it calms, soothes and leaves your child with the undeniable truth: we are all connected and therefore never alone.

A peek at the cover

A peek at the cover

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My new book, “Where is my Soul”? is really for anyone.  Sure, it is written at about a third grade reading level but it is truly intended for all levels.  Parents and grandparents can read it to their children and really get something out of it when they do.  Anyone who has read my book so far tells me how touched they are by its message, how it has been instrumental in changing their lives, how positive the message is, and, in a couple of instances; how it made them cry!

I promise you will love my book!  Please contact me at whereismysoul@loveable.com to order your copy for just $8.95!